Achieve long tool life in standard and special applications and reduce your tool cost at the same time by using TIGRA´s PCD products. TIGRA offers its PCD blanks and laser-cut segments in 10 grades - for each requirement!


Standard PCD blanks

Standard PCD blanks

Standard PCD blanks in 9 PCD grades with extra fine, fine, medium and coarse grain sizes and different binders.


Special PCD blanks

Sandwich PCD

Special PCD such as sandwich PCD in half blanks, laser weldable PCD and PCD for wear parts.


PCD segments

PcBN-tipped semi-finished inserts

Laser and wire EDM cutting service for quick and precise supply of cut to size segments, with and without angles.


PCD grades

PCD - technical data

To simplify your choice finding the appropriate PCD grade for your individual application, please select the pdf below.



TIGRA offers a large variety of PCD for machining aluminium, steel and composite materials.

As the exclusive distributor and R&D partner of the German-Korean joint-venture partner ADICO, TIGRA has 10 PCD grades with special focus on aluminium and composite material cutting in its program.

A quick cutting service for PCD and PcBN segments, straight and angle-cut, by laser and EDM ensures faster economic supply.