Substantial investments and extensive research and development lead to a unique positition on the PcBN market. A large variety of PcBN grades for hard turning applications as well as cast materials give the best choice for tool manufaturers in every working condition. Our large stock fulfills the need for quick delivery both for discs and cut segments.


PcBN blanks and segments

PcBN blanks

Carbide-backed and solid PcBN blanks as well as cut-to-size segments.


PcBN grades and their applications

PcBN - technical data

To simplify your choice finding the appropriate PcBN grade for your individual application, please select the pdf below.



TIGRA offers a large variety of PCD, PcBN and tungsten carbide products for machining aluminium, steel and composite materials.

Additionally to PCD TIGRA supplies PcBN products in 4 solid and 7 standard PcBN grades for machining from hardened steel to GGG.

A quick cutting service for PcBN segments, straight and angle-cut, by laser and EDM ensures faster economic supply.