Shipping high-precision products in top quality to the customers is the main goal of TIGRA´s production. Due to the self designed, automated and flexible machinery TIGRA is able to provide 100% optical controlled products in extremely short delivery time to an optimum price performance ratio. With TIGRA´s products manufactured in optimum grades and offered in several materials the customers´ tools achieve best results in woodworking, metal working and composite material working. In close cooperation with the customers TIGRA as reliable partner develops custom-made, suitable solutions ensuring long lifetime of the customers´ tools and a considerable cost reduction.


Carbide inserts for PCD/PcBN tipping

Carbide inserts for PCD/PcBN tipping

ISO insert blanks as positive and negative inserts, with seat pockets, as sintered and ground.


Carbide rods, flat and square bars

Carbide rods and bars

Ground and unground rods, different dimensions, metric and inch, with coolant holes; preforms and TIGRAmet


Carbide saw tips for metal working

Carbide Saw Tips

Carbide saw tips in many different carbide grades for steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals in wet and dry cutting conditions.


Carbide for woodworking tools

Reversible Knives

Reversible knives, blanks for profiling, planer knives, saw tips, carbide for brazed tools.

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TIGRA is Germany´s only manufacturer producing saw tips, indexable inserts and blanks for profiling from powder to finished high precision products.

Our dedicated staff and highly automated manufacturing process grant the highest quality and best customer service.

With more than 20 different carbide grades TIGRA has always the right answer to your needs.

TIGRA is offering the largest product variety of all manufacturers of tungsten carbide for woodworking.

TIGRA is the only carbide manufacturer and supplier offering tungsten carbide, PCD and HSS products - all from one source

Carbide grades for saw tips and rods

Carbide grades saw tips and rods